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Don't shoot yourself in the dairy/soy free foot by eating something that you didn't know contained milk or soy protein!
Here's a list of crazy stuff that you might not know contain dairy and/or soy:

  • Pam cooking spray has soy
  • Prenatal vitamins can contain soy... double check yours to make sure it doesn't
  • Deli meats often contain milk ingredients (boars head does not)
  • Chewing gum and other mints often have soy (tic tacs do not)
  • McDonald's french fries


Ginger said...

I heard about your blog from Kelli Ingram. I had a dairy- and soy-free baby, too, and it looks like our new three-week-old might be heading in that direction.

Just FYI, we found a cooking spray made by Bakers and Chefs that is 100% Canola Oil (we got ours at Sam's Club). Also, you should probably double-check this, but I believe that Chick-fil-A fries all of their food in peanut oil, which makes their fries and nuggets soy-free.

I was wondering if you were able to find a soy-free brand of multi- or prenatal vitamins. I've brought home a couple now, only to find say buried in some obscure place among the ingredients.

Thanks for your posts! -Ginger (Kansas City, MO)

Ginger said...

Sorry for the typo! I'm still a little sleep-deprived. :)

Jess said...

Hey Ginger! Thanks for stopping by our blog! That's awesome that you found a SDF cooking spray- our grocery stores around here only carry ones that have Soy Lecithin (which my boys are sensitive to) so, that's great that you have found a good alternative! I'm going to try to look for that! (We aren't members at Sams- if you find it online somewhere, pass the address along!)

As far as chickfila goes... this is a link to their allergen chart:
it's very user friendly in my opinion :) (just like everything else at Chickfila.. i love that place!)

According to that chart, the fries are dairy and soy free (yay! :) ), but their breaded things, such as nuggets and strips do contain DAIRY, so they would be a no go for DSF eating. (They indeed, do not contain soy, so if all you have to avoid is, SOY (not dairy too) then those would work. :)

I take a prescription prenatal, called CitraNatal Assure (here's a link:
It does not contain dairy or soy according to the ingredients label. I also have an OTC "Womens One-A-Day Women's prenatal" that I've taken that does not contain soy.

Hope that helps! :) Thanks for saying hey! :)