Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quick Brown Rice Pilaf

brown rice

If you're looking for a quick, filling dish, brown rice is always a good option, but sometimes, it can be a little.. bland. 

SO... why not kick it up a notch by boiling your bag in chicken broth instead of water?!
It certainly gives it a little more flavor.. which is nice when you're eating dairy/soy free.  :)

brown rice ingredients

The precooked/boil in bag rice isn't as healthy as normal rice, but when you're cooking every meal from scratch, and nursing a baby and tryin' to keep from getting buried under your ever enlarging LAUNDRY pile... it's ok to go with the boil in bag, rice.  It just is. 

Do read the label on your chicken broth to make sure there isn't any sneaky dairy or soy ingredients in it.  ("Vegetable" of unnamed origin is often soy.) 

I used one bag of boil in bag brown rice and the full four cups of chicken broth and boiled for 10 minutes.  I add some extra salt. 

And you can always throw some of your Souvlaki chicken in it if you have some on hand!  

rice with chicken

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