Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp


I'm a firm believer that shrimp was meant to be wrapped in bacon.  They just go together.  It's really the best way to eat shrimp and it just so happens that it's Dairy/Soy Free.  BONUS!

The only key to bacon wrapped shrimp is making sure that the bacon you buy is indeed dairy free.
Who would have ever thought that there are MILK derivatives in some BACON!?
Read the labels!  But if you're eating DSF, you already do that :)

We buy frozen JUMBO shrimp (this recipe wasn't meant for popcorn shrimp, ya hear?!)  and thaw them under cold running water. 
Did you get that? COLD running water.
Running frozen shrimp under hot running water = COOKED shrimp... and we gotta save the cooking part for the grill!
(You can totally use fresh shrimp, if you're high falootin' like that :) ) 

Slice the bacon in half and wrap it around a piece of shrimp.

Skewer the bacon wrapped shrimp using two skewers so they don't go all wonky on you when you're trying to get them evenly cooked on the grill. 

shrimp prep

Grill 'em up over medium heat until the bacon is fully cooked.
If the bacon is cooked, the shrimp will be too.

grilled shrimp

This is another one of those recipes that's good to double, because once you get to the end of the skewer, you'll wish there was more! :)

grilled goodness

It goes great as a mixed grill dish with chicken souvlaki.

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