Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brianna's Homestyle Rich Poppyseed Dressing


I have no idea why I even checked. 
Everything that is creamy has dairy in it. 
Brianna's Homestyle Rich Poppyseed Dressing does NOT! 
Dairy-Free, Soy-Free!


I eat this on my salads at home, and carry it to restaurants, and put it on my turkey pitas, and sleep with it tucked under my arm.

I love it and eat it on everything!  It's way to add a little flair to your dairy/soy free life! :)

dressing ingredients


Lissa said...

Gah!! Thank you so much for this (and for this whole blog). Newly dairy-free (haven't cut out all soy yet, but thinking maybe I should??) and I LOVE this dressing with cold pre-cooked salmon & cucumbers: makes THE best salad. Excited I can still eat that!!

Sally Jackson said...

Thank you! I just started the elimination diet for my 6 month old. weve had nonstop green mucousy diapers for the past month! Your website is great!