Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuna Salad

tuna salad lunch
tuna salad pita with cape cod original potato chips

When I'm eating without restrictions, tuna salad probably isn't one of my go-to meals...
but can I just say that when I'm eating dairy/soy free, I LOVE a tuna salad pita?!

It's quick and meaty and filling.
It's easy to keep the ingredients on hand.
And there's no cooking involved.

If you're eating dairy free for baby, then you've got a little one (or ONES) to tend to... there's not time to spend slaving over the stove for LUNCH.

So, I give you... the Tuna Salad Pita! 

tuna salad ingredients

Canola Mayonnaise
     (The only two brands of Mayonnaise I've found that are soy-free are Hain Canola 
     and Spectrum Canola Mayo- I've found these at Publix or Kroger)
Sweet Relish
Starkist Yellowfin Tuna packed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Toufayan Pita Bread

A note about tuna...
Most tuna is packed with "vegetable broth" (check the label). More often than not, the vegetable used in that broth is soybean. (much like the vegetable in "vegetable oil" is most commonly soybean)  Even though the allergens listed on a can of tuna do not list soy, MSPI nurslings can have an adverse reaction to the trace amount of soy protein in packaged tuna.  Don't shoot yourself in the dairy/soy free foot (or breast! ha!) by buying the wrong tuna.  Educate yourself!  And go forth and buy soy-free tuna!

Look for tuna packaged in olive oil instead of vegetable broth
tuna brand

No Vegetable (soy) Broth, here!

tuna label

Mix the ingredients in a bowl... add as much or as little as you like of the mayo and relish.

You can also beef it up a bit by chopping up a boiled egg in there.

(No, eggs are NOT dairy! They come from chickens! Not cows! Even though they are oftentimes found in the "dairy case" at the grocery store... you'll be amazed how many people are surprised by the fact that they are indeed "dairy free!" )

tuna in the bowl

Tuna Salad on a pita! .... quick, easy, slightly smelly, but tasty lunch! :)

tuna salad

Might I suggest following up your tuna salad lunch
with a tasty Dairy/Soy Free mint, such as a tic-tac! :)

tic tacs

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